Virechana Detoxification (Therapeutic Purgation)

Nadi Parikshan

Virechana Detoxification (Therapeutic Purgation)

Virechana is the procedure by which the vitiated Doshas (mainly Pitta Pradhana) are eliminated through the anal route.
Virechana is considered to be the most effective way of eliminating the exaggerated Pitta Pradhana Tridosha from Panchyamanashaya (small intestine)
It is also highly preferable in Raktapradoshaja vikaras (Diseases caused due to vitiated blood), Mamsapradoshaja vikaras (Diseases caused due to poor muscle tissues), Asthipradoshaja vikaras (Bone & joint disorders), Majjapradoshaja vikaras (Bone marrow disorders) & Shukrapradoshaja vikaras (Low libido and infertility).


Patient is asked to undergo Poorvakarma i.e. Deepana-pachana (3-5 days) Snehapana (3-7 days), then Abhyanga & Swedana for three days; prior to Virechana karma.
The medicine for purgation is to be given early morning at 7-8am empty stomach in prescribed quantity.
Warm water is given in small doses, when the patient feels thirsty or the urge for evacuation is not felt sufficient.
After appearance of Samyaka Virechana Lakshana’s the patient is advised to take complete rest.
There after Sansarajana krama is to be followed for 3-7 days as per the directions of the physician.


  • Imparts mental positivity
  • Nourishes sense faculties
  • Strengthens body tissues
  • Imparts physical strength
  • Improves digestive power
  • Subdue early ageing process
  • Improves skin complexion & texture


  • Jeerna Jwara (Recurrent and Chronic Pyrexia)
  • Pandu (Anaemia)
  • Kaamala (Jaundice)
  • Vatarakta (Gouty arthritis)
  • Krimi (Worm infestation)
  • Twakavikara (Eczema, allergic dermatitis & other skin disorders)
  • Tamaka shwasa (Bronchial asthma)
  • Galaganda (Goitre)
  • Pakshyaghata (Hemiplegia)
  • Madhumeha (Diabetes)
  • Arbuda (Tumour)
  • Vyanga (Hyperpigmentation)
  • Unmada (Schizophrenia)
  • Yonidosha (Female infertility)
  • Shukradosha (Male infertility)
  • Udararoga (Ascites)
  • Vibandha (Chronic Constipation)
  • Mutraghata (Obstruction of urine)

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